CX20 with VaporGuard 2.0 (Ventless Option)

  • Capacity is 60- 20” x 20” racks per hour or 1625 dishes per hour
  • 0.72 gallons per rack
  • Quad-Arm Wash System—washes faster with better results!
  • INDUSTRY FIRST! Submerged booster recaptures radiant heat, saving energy and money
  • VaporGuard 2.0 Condensation removal system option has no ceiling clearance issues
  • VaporGuard option uses 4 gallons per minute cold water or 2 gallons per cycle and does not require Drain Water Tempering (DWT). For units without VaporGuard follow local codes for DWT
  • Over-sized strainers collect twice the waste compared to traditional strainers
  • Energy Conservation Drain Overflow reduces energy consumption
  • Gas springs for smooth motion and safe removal
  • Foot-operated drain pedal eliminates back strain
  • Ergo-Grip door handle provides multiple options for hand placement and eliminates the need to modify dish table for corner installation

Spec Sheet

Technical Manual