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The exclusive SureFire® Start-Up & Check-Out Service ensures your machine works at optimum levels from day one.
SureFire® Start-up is standard on all Insinger dishwashers.
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Quick FAQ'S
Symptoms Possible Cause Solution
1. Machine will not operate.
A. No power. A. Check power supply.
B. Blown fuse or tripped breaker. B. Replace fuse and reset breaker.
C. Motor overloads tripped. C. Reset overload.
2. Tank will not hold water.
A. Drain not closed. A. Close drain.
B. Drain overflow not sealed or installed. B. Reset or install drain overflow.
C. Pump petcock opened. C. Close pump petcock.
D. Overflow v-seal dirty/worn. D. Clean/replace v-seal.
3. Tank fills beyond overflow.
A. Obstruction in overflow tube or drain line. A. Remove obstruction.
4. Water leaks around door.
A. Doors not seating. A. Reset doors.
B. Clogged spray pipe. B. Clean spray pipe with brush provided.
5. Weak or ineffective spray.
A. Clogged spray pipe. A. Clean spray pipe with brush pipe.
B. Manifolds not installed properly. B. Ensure proper placement of upper and lower pipes.
C. Obstruction in pump. C. Clear obstruction through pump inspection plate.
D. Pump rotation reversed. D. Arrow on pump housing indicates direction, correct electrically.
E. Suction strain clogged. E. Clean suction strainer.
6. Weak or ineffective final rinse spray.
A. Lime deposits in spray nozzles. A. Clean or replace spray nozzles.
B. Low water pressure. B. Adjust to 20PSI.
C. Clogged line strainer. C. Remove line strainer and clean.
D. Closed water supply. D. Open ball valve.
7. Water Hammer
A. Excessive water line pressure. A. Install water hammer valve.
8. Machine vibrates or is noisy.
A. Pump rotation reversed. A. Arrow on pump housing indicates direction, correct electrically.
9. Final rinse will not shut off.
A. Final rinse solenoid valve clogged. A. Disassemble valve and clean internal parts of scale or replace.
B. Diaphragm worn. B. Replace with solenoid valve replace kit.
C. Solenoid valve still powered up. C. Check final rinse actuating circuit for proper operation.
10. Tank not filling / tank heat coming on with no water in tank.
A. Level float dirty. A. Clean level float.
B. Level control system not working. B. Troubleshoot level control unit.
11. Tank temperature too low/high.
A. Thermostat not adjusted. A. Adjust thermostat.
B. Heat circuitry not working. B. Troubleshoot circuitry.
C. Electrical heat power turned off. C. Check circuit breakers.
D. Electric heat power turned off. D. De-lime machine.
E. Steam heat - steam turned off. E. Turn steam on.
F. Steam heat - not enough steam. F. Adjust steam pressure per machine's specs.
G. Steam heat - condensate traps clogged. G. Clean or replace condensate traps.
H. Gas heat - gas turned off. H. Turn gas on.
I. Gas heat - pilot not lit (if provided). I. Re-light pilot.